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HomeNewsCovid 19: Why the Death rate in the North keep Rising.

Covid 19: Why the Death rate in the North keep Rising.

Covid 19: Why the Death rate in the North keep Rising.

COVID 19 Is a global pandemic that has put many countries on their toes.
in the last few months it was regarded as a global issue.
Many countries economy have been put on hold due to the effect of Lockdown.
The virus is spreading faster and the best way to curb it is through Social Distancing,wearing of facemask and regular hand washing however getting it right has been a major Challenge.

The covid19 related death in united sate today stand at 69,921 with more than 1 million cases while Nigeria has recorded 93 deaths and 2802 cases.
However the sudden death coming from the Northern part of Nigeria is a concern to all Nigerians and many have attributed it to Covid19.
The test carried out on the victims reveal that many died of COVID 19

Why the North may continue to experience Death surge.

The north is the capital territory of illiteracy and poverty in Nigeria and many of it’s residents are not well informed on the threat and danger of Covid 19 in the society.
Covid 19 spread Faster that any other virus Nigeria have experience in the Past.
Why the occupants of other regions are conscious on the spread of corona virus, the north are not doing enough to contain the spread.
It’s business as usual until the government of kano announced a total Lockdown in the state due to increase in covid 19 cases.

As of today….only few people in the North have access to hand sanitizer and facemasks and only few people maintain regular hand washing.
The high population in the north will also increase the pace and spread of corona virus.
The population of the North is a disadvantage at this crucial period.
Majority of the north residents are not educated and following the covid19 safety guidelines will be a bottle neck.
More and more death will continue to be on Nigeria record as north battle to contain the spread and terminate the unseen enemy among us.
It’s a battle for everyone if Nigeria ever dream to win this War.

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