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5 Benefits of Attending A university in Nigeria

5 Benefits of Attending A university in Nigeria

You will get a Degree: Nigeria is a mono economy country with few industries to absorb the graduates being yawned out of our institution.
We have university,polytechnic and College Graduates who will have to compete for Job in in the Labour Market.
The requirements for some Job is a university Degree in private and government enterprises.
While poly or college graduate may not qualify for this said position.

Salary: it’s no longer news that Nigeria Organisation pay degree older more salary compared to polytechnic and College Graduate.
The reason for this is based on the Academic Recognition of university within and outside Nigeria.
University is well known to to be more rigorous in selection of candidates and issuance of Result.
As a business owner, your determinant factor for payment of salary can be attributed to many thing but if you have left with choice of using a result tender from University of ibadan and Mapoly as yardstick for renumeration… What would you rather choose.

Career Limitation: choosing a polytechnic may limit your career progress and stop you from achieving your goal.
You can never achieve the goal of being a lawyer, doctor,economist,pharmacy within the beautiful walls of any polytechnic.
As a matter of fact, if you aim to be a professor, continue your study abroad, attain some key position, you need to be within university walls to get your Credentials.
So, you need jump out or walk through the exit gate of any polytechnic and move directly into a university before you can pursue your career in life if you want to study some courses not offered in Polytechnic.

Self-esteem: Sometimes polytechnic graduates are not well regarded as university graduate in some gathering and association and this has become a rising trend especially in Nigeria.
When some individual define a Polytechnic Graduate, they always assume it’s a place for those who have lost all hope in securing university Admission and those who are not Academically sound.
Many also believe university graduate will do well in walks of Life and many have also denied their daughter the choice in selecting a soulmate who is a graduate of polytechnic.
though this assumption is untrue and could be a reverse case but the stain on polytechnic graduate may not not be completely wash clean even with a convincing argument similar to what ‘hypo detergent can offer in the soap and cloth stain world’ anytime soon.

It save Time: This is one of the unknown fact surrounding a university.
Getting a university degree takes a minimum of 4 years while a Polytechnic HND takes a minimum of 4 years however the polytechnic graduate will need to sacrifice another year of IT programme In the course of bagging HND Certificate and this will automatically make it a 5 years Programme.
So…we can conclude that degree can be obtained within 4 years while you will need 5 years to obtain HND in any polytechnic.

Comfort and Pleasure : The federal and state government tend to spend more money into the university system and when you compare the university and polytechnic structure …an obvious difference in terms of building structure, academic tools, students welfare and organisation will be highly noticeable.
Universities provides more comfort and pleasure for students.

This is just an Article you may read for the fun of it how’re I will be posting another article soon ..with the Title: Why you need a Polytechnic Graduate in your Life.

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