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Nigeria Custom Service Past Question and Answer – updated

.The Nigeria Customs Service Past Question and Answer is now Available for those who want to write the exam.

The Nigeria Customs is one of the government body where many Nigerians want to work and the demand for the job is Massive when compare to the available space.

We now have the updated Nigeria Customs Service past questions and Answer for you and you can view the Questions below.

Please note that all other websites have been circulating fake and similar questions and our past questions is original and Truly stand out.

Sample taken from our past question for Nigeria Customs Service.

The official website of Nigeria Customs is


The main duty of Nigeria Customs is
A. Arrest of criminals
B. Prosecution of offenders
C. Holding guns in major city
D. Prevention and suppression of smuggling

Is Nigeria Customs one of the revenue generation Agency

A. Yes
B. No
C. Maybe
D. Not at all

Who controls the operation of the Nigeria Customs

A president
B senator
C. Governor of each state
D. Comptroller-General of Customs

In the Absence of Comptroller General, the customs operations will be controlled by

A DCG finance Administrator
B. Personal assistant
C. The senate president
D. The vice president

There are how many Management Team in the Nigeria Customs

A 50
B. 7
C. 6
D. 25

Who appoint the customs comptroller General

A. Chief of defence
B. President
C. Senate house
D. Voting

which year did Nigeria Customs first generated 1 Trillion Revenue

A. 2002
B. 2017
C. 2006
D. 2014

Nigeria Customs can recruit on

A. Any website
B. On phone
C. Email
D on official customs website

As a citizen of Nigeria, reporting fraudulent activities to custom is

A illegal
B. Legal
C. Dangerous
D. Compulsory

How many Countries share Border with Nigeria
A 4
B. 5
C. 2
D. 3

Which of this countries does not share border with Nigeria

A Cameroon
B chad
C benin
D. Ghana

Nigeria SeaPort can be be found in

A. Lagos and Abuja
B. Abuja and kaduna
C. Lagos and delta
D. Lagos and port-Harcourt

Nigeria Customs are not allowed to carry Gun

A yes
B. True
C. Undecided
D. False

Which of this is not the duty of Nigeria port authority

A Provide safe and navigable channel.

B channels all goods to Alaba and ladipo market

C. Offer cargo handling and storage services.

D. Develop ,own and operate ports and harbours

Nigeria coat of arms, the horses represent

A Dignity and Pride of Nigeria
B power of Nigeeja
C. Strength of Nigeria
D. Unity of Nigeria

The Nigeria Customs is under the supervisory oversight of

A. One man
B. Nigeria ministry of finance
C. Nigeria legislation
D. The upper chamber.

Nigeria Customs was Born in

A 15 January 1995
B. 15 February 1994
C. 14 march 1995
D. 14 April 1994

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