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Complete school of Nursing and midwifery Past question and answer

.These is the past question paper for school of nursing and midwifery. Those who do not want to pay for past question or those finding it difficult to get can make use of the past question provided below.

There is a dot at the back of the correct answer.

Q:1-Which of the following symptoms in pregnant women is of most concern?
Mark one answer:
.Visual disturbances
Mild edema

Q:2-When will a pregnant mother will generally feel the first movements of the infant?
Mark one answer:
2-4 weeks
4-8 weeks
Third trimester

Q:3-Which of the following is not a sign of severe preeclampsia?
Mark one answer:
Headache and visual disturbances
Epigastric pain and pulmonary edema
Hemolysis elevated liver enzymes
. Thrombocytosis with platelets of 200,000

Q:4-Which is NOT a clinical feature of preeclampsia?
Mark one answer:
General edema
. Seizure

Q:5-A pregnant woman presents with vaginal bleeding. An obstetrical ultrasound is performed and shows an anterior placenta that completely covers the internal cervical os. Which of the following would most increase her risk for hysterectomy?
Mark one answer:
Desire for sterilization
Development of disseminated intravascular coagulopathy (DIC)
.Placenta accreta
Prior vaginal delivery

Q:6-Which of the following is a standardized list containing 554 research based nursing interventions?
Mark one answer:

Q:7-A multipara whose ultrasound suggests a fetus of 3200 g progresses in labor, then remains at 6 cm dilatation for three hours. Fetal heart rate tracing is reactive. An intrauterine pressure catheter (IUPC) reveals two contractions in 10 minutes with amplitude of 40 mm Hg each. Which of the following is the best management for this patient?
Mark one answer:
. Administration of oxytocin
Cesarean section

Q:8-A pregnant female undergoes aspiration of her amniotic fluid, which appears green. What does this finding indicate?
Mark one answer:
Placenta previa

Q:9-Which of the following is seen in pregnancy?
Mark one answer:
Decreased oxygen demand
Decreased nasal congestion
.Increased fluid retention
Decreased FRC

Q:10-What is true of bacterial vaginosis?
Mark one answer:
Vulvar pruritis and irritation are prominent symptoms
. Vaginal epithelial cells with clusters of bacteria adherent to their surfaces called clue cells are noted on wet prep
The treatment of choice is tetracycline
Pregnant women should be treated differently than non-pregnant women with BV

Which hormone prevents the monthly occurrence of menstruation in pregnancy?


What hormone does the corpus luteum release?


Q:1-A midwife is teaching a female client how to perform a breast self-examination. On return demonstration, which of the following actions by the client indicates that further teaching is necessary?
Mark one answer:

.The client uses the tips of her second, third and fourth fingers to press every part of her breast.

Using the right hand to examine the left breast, the client examines the entire breast using small circular motions in a spiral pattern.

In a supine position, the client places a folded towel under her right shoulder and puts her right hand behind her head. Using the left hand, she palpates her right breast.

In a standing position, the client places her hands on her hips and presses down firmly.

Q:2-A midwife is assessing four clients who recently gave birth through vaginal delivery. A part of the examination is measuring the fundal height. Which of the following clients needs further evaluation?
Mark one answer:
A client who gave birth 24 hours ago; the fundus is 1 fingerbreadth below the umbilicus.
A client who gave birth one hour ago; the fundus is at the level of the umbilicus.
. A client who gave birth 72 hours ago; the fundus is 2 cm below the umbilicus.
A client who gave birth 10 days ago; the fundus is non-palpable.

Q:3-A female client is admitted to the facility due to alcohol abuse. During the first 24 hours, which of following interventions is the least appropriate?
Mark one answer:
Orient the client frequently.
Initiate seizure precautions.
Provide a quiet, non-stimulating environment.
.Initiate bleeding precautions.

Q:4-There are many reasons why nurse midwives should be concerned with professional ethics. Which of the following is the main and critical purpose of applied professional ethics?
Mark one answer:
To foster professional identity.
To protect consumers and care providers.
.To maintain internal regulation and avoid external regulation.
To signal professional maturity.

Q:5-A series of laboratory examinations are conducted for a client who is admitted to the facility for an annual checkup. Blood is drawn for serum electrolyte testing. Which of the following assessment findings requires further evaluation?
Mark one answer:
Sodium = 137 mEq/L
Potassium = 4.3 mEq/L
.Chloride = 93 mEq/L
Bicarbonate = 27 mEq/L

Q:6-A midwife is managing the care of a 25-year-old postpartum client who gave birth 18 hours ago. No complications were noted during the labor process. The newborn is brought to the client for feeding and to have the mother and child bond for the night. The client says, “I’m too tired. Please get her back to the nursery, just for tonight. I need to get some sleep.” Which of the following is the most appropriate action of the midwife?
Mark one answer:
Create a teaching plan for the mother that focuses on breast feeding.
. Encourage the client to join a parenting skill class.
Accept the client’s behavior as an indication that she is in the taking-in phase.
Accept the client’s behavior as an indication that she is in the taking-hold phase.

Q:7-A midwife is assessing a mature female neonate born to a 21-year-old G3P2 client. Which of the following findings suggests that further evaluation and notification of the physician are necessary?
Mark one answer:
Birth length = 53 cm
Head circumference = 35 cm
. Birth weight = 11 pounds
Chest circumference is 2 cm less than the head circumference.

Q:8-A client who gave birth to a healthy newborn experiences crying and expresses feelings of sadness and emptiness. The client delivered her baby 3 days ago. The midwife suspects that the client has:
Mark one answer:
Postpartum depression.
. Postpartum blues.
Postpartum psychosis.
A normal behavior during the taking-hold phase.

Q:9-A midwife is receiving a client who gave birth an hour ago. Which of the following nursing interventions is the priority action of the nurse during the immediate postpartum period?
Mark one answer:
Obtain the client’s blood glucose level.
. Palpate for the height of fundus.
Order hemoglobin and hematrocrit tests.
Administer oxygen.

Q:10-A client had a cesarean delivery. The client informs the midwife that she intends to breastfeed her baby. Which of the following instructions is the most effective for a client who wants to breastfeed after a cesarean delivery?
Mark one answer:
“Use the football hold when breastfeeding.”
“Choose the position that is most comfortable during breastfeeding.”
“Breast feeding is withheld for the first 12 hours of life.”
. “Breastfeed the newborn every 4 to 8 hours.”

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