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What you should know before NYSC


.The dream of every student is to participate in the nysc programme and it actually mark the end of a degree or diploma programme.

Nysc prepare fresh graduates for the what is to come after graduation. We hereby release things you need to know about nysc.


1) it’s a time to set your plans right: some have not set their wheel to the right direction while in school. Most of the time spent in the class room is usually focused on how to pass an exam or a test.
After nysc there will be no test and exam and you can use the opportunity to decide and perfect what you want to do .

2) its a time to start something new: its never too late to begin a new adventure … A medical doctor can decide to learn mechanic or fashion designing.
There are many jobs out there that can be learn and perfected within 1 to 2 Years.
If you ever have any doubt of working with your certificate… You can start afresh and get something new for yourself.

3) it’s a time to connect and meet new leads.
Nysc gives you the opportunity to meet new people and take part in new adventure…
The information you need to succeed or the link you needed to get your desired job can be provided by new leads.
Make new friend and connect with the right people that will throw you to the top.

4) its a time to be skilled.
With the present condition of the county evey citizens deserved to be skilled. The level of unemployment has increased tremendously and you may need a skill to survive the arch economy pending the time you land your dream job.

5) it’s a time to save:
Very kobo you get or earn really count at the stage of your life.
It’s a time to take your career to the next level and you will surely need enough cash to proceed with your plans..

6) it’s a time to study more or embrace job…
Do you want to get a job and earn of to continue with your study… it’s time to make the golden decision..

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