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Post Graduate Past Question and Answer – free Download

Post Graduate past Question and Answer for Nigeria institutions.

You can now download post graduate Question from this website for free and it was provided by one of the visitors of the website at a zero rate. You do not need to pay 1kobo to get this past and it has been provided for free . these page will be updated regularly with recent past question.

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Please note that each school conducts different examination for their post graduates student’s and the past question provided below is a gebral question. Most post graduate Question are selected from undergraduates syllabus and you will not find any unexpected questions in the examination hall.

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Updated: we have some selected post graduate past Questions for some Nigeria universities…… Comment with name of your school and course for us to upload it for you on this website.

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(Oau post graduate past Questions , Accounting)

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(One Hour)

Instruction: Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Che approach to the university is being restructured to case the flow of traffic, give better

security and provide an appropriate introduction to a set of higher learning. The works and

services complex is also under construction and we intend lo move into the completed part of it

within the next few weeks.

All these projects are being executed with an eye to aesthetics, for we recognize the important

inlluence of a beautiful and healthy environment on its inhabitants and feel thai a cluster of

buildings on a small space such as we have should be so well designed as to have a beneficial

psychological and sociological offcct on all members of the community

. I have gone to these lengths to itemize these examples of current development for two main

reasons, firstly, to advise you that the road diversions and other physical inconveniences

currently being experienced will be on the increase because of intense development activity. We

therefore appeal to you lo bear with us in full knowledge and consolation that such

inconveniences arc temporary and will soon yield final tangible results. Secondly, to demonstrate

our capacity for executing approved projects with dispatch and to assure Government that we are

up to the task. Indeed, 1 can assure Government that its ability to disburse funds to its will be

more than matched by our capacity to collect and expend Ihcm on executing various worthy

projects in record time.

1. From the passage we can gather that

(A) there is not much consideration for the health of the inhabitants

(B) there is deliberate effort to inconvenience the people

(C) buildings arc put up anyhow

(D) projects are carried out without approval

(F.) the inconveniences suffered by the inhabitants will be for a while

2. Unless it can be shown that the money voted for projects can be spent on them in good time

(A) the development activity will not be intense

(B) it will not be easy to convince the Government of our executive ability

(C) it will not be difficult to ask Government for funds

(D) our final results will be unreliable

(E) the road diversions and other inconveniences will continue

3. One of the following is NOT true. The University gateway is being restructured

(A) to ease the traffic How

(B) to bar strangers from entering the academic environment

(C) to provide an appropriate introduction to a set of higher learning

(I)) to give better security

(K) with an eye to aesthetics, recognizing the importance of a beautiful and healthy


4. An eye lo aesthetics in this passage means

(A) regard for space (B) beneficial psychological effects (C) regard lor health

(L)) consideration for beauty (li) a cluster of buildings

5. Which of these is NOT among the reasons given by the author for enumerating the

examples of the current development?

(A) to show that we arc capablc of executing approved projects

(Bj to convince the government that we can be trusted with task

‘(C) the inconvenience currently being cxpcricnced will go on indefinitely

(f>) we arc fully aware of inconveniences being caused but vvc do not want to complain

(li) we have the capacity to complete worthy projects within Ihc scheduled lime.

Instruction: Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions on it.

One common feature in the developing countries is the extent to which their institutions, social,

economic and political have been influenced and indeed modified by developed countries. This

is particularly marked in the case of those countries which were, for a time, under colonial rule.

The developed countries, in the process of exploiting the economic opportunities available,

brought with them their own systems and values and superimposed these on the existing customs

and traditions. Thus they imported their own legal systems, methods of government, and their

approach to labour relations, among other things, and superimposed these on those practices

already in existence, in the colonial territories.

Before the advenl of the modern industrial sector in Nigeria, there were already in

existence employer-employee relationships with systems of work and reward based on the

culture and traditions of the people. In general, the employer was an individual and his workmen

were essentially members of his household or of the extended family, including cousins,

nephews and nicccs. In the circumstances the approach was paternalistic in respect of monetary

rewards and other welfare facilities.

However, the modern industrial sector brought with it the modern concept of collective

relations as manifested in the collcetivc bargaining process. This new approach in employment

relationships was predicated upon .British system, the metropolitan country at the time. That

. system had developed during the laissez-faire period in Europe, had matured over the years, and

was based essentially on the voluntary principle.

6. Which of the following best captures the message of the passage?

(A) The introduction of modern collective bargaining to developing countries.

(B) Employer-employee relations in developed countries

(C) The concept of modern industrial relations.

(D) The supcrimposition of systems and values by developed countries on developing


(E) The Laissez-faire period in Europe and the voluntary principle,

7. Identify the option that is not true according to the passage.

(A) Institutions in developing countries have been influenced by developed countries.

(B) Countries that had been colonized manifested more of developed countries’ influence

than others.

(C) Developing countries had some form of reward systems.

(D) The developed countries uphold the customs and traditions of the developing


(E) Modern collective relations evolved from the modern industrial sector.

X Another word or expression that can replace laissez-faire in the passage is

(A) industrial (H) carefree (C) free enterprise (D) collective bargaining

(E) lease

f. ‘ . . . the approach was paternalistic . . .’ implies that

(A) the man as head of the home took chargc of domestic affairs

(B) the man as the head of the home was the employer

(C) there is a paternal form of inheritance

(D) parents worked hard in developing countries

(li) members of the extended families were the employees

10. “.. . the modem industrial sector . .’can be grammatically described as

(A ) a noun phrase functioning as the subject of the sentence.

(B) a noun phrase functioning as the object of the sentence.

( C) a noun clausc functioning as the object of the sentence.

(1)) a noun clause functioning as the subjcct of the sentence.

(H) an adjcctival phrase qualifying die noun ‘sector’.

Instruction: Fill in the blank spaces with the most suitable options.

11. The telephone in the nineteenth century and is now used in most countries in

the world.

(A) had been invented

(B) was invented

(C) would have been invented

(D) has been invented

(H) was being invented

12. By the end of the next semester, he his University education.

(A) would have completed

(B) will be completing

(C) shall have completed

(D) was completing

(H ) must complete

13. In the past, his father used to walk but nowadays he to work by bicycle,

(A) was going (B) is going (C) seldom goes (D) goes

(K) has gone ^

14. ‘[‘lie students so much noise while the lecture was going on that the lecturer had

to walk out of the class.

(A) made

(B) had been making

((.’) were making

(13) had made

(K) would have been making

Olukayode as a mechanic when he was young, but now he is a driver.

(A) had been working

J.B) used to work

((.’) would work

(D) would have worked

(I.i) had worked

Instruction: f rom the options given, choose the one that is closest opposite in meaning to

the underlined.

16. The explosive growth in world population could lead to famine.

/ (A) exponential

(B) catastrophic

(C) gradual

(D) weak

(!•!) moderate

AT. No woman wants to marry a miser.

(A) spender (B) spendthrift (C) loser (D) hoarder (K) scrooge

18. He started his education on a .solid foundation.

(A) strong (B) colossal (C) loose (D) weak (li) wrong

19. I.osing the election means goodbye to luxury-

(A) affluence (B) dirt (C) squalor (I)) wretchedness (li) comfort

20. Judges are supposed to be fair in giving judgement.

(A) honest (B) kind (C) partial (0) corrupt (li) careless

Instruction: Choose the option that best fills the gap in each of the following sentences.

21. The bride wore a

(A; beautiful wedding white dress

(B) white beautiful wedding dress

((‘) beautiful white wedding dress

(1)) wedding white beautiful dress

(1:1 wedding beautiful white dress

22. The twins could not do without

(A) each other’s company

(B) one another’s company

(C) each other company

(D) one another

(li) their own

23. The dress is not mine, it is

(A; my brother’s

(B) my brothers’

(C) my brothers

(])) my brother

(K) of my brother

24 will become jobless because of the economic situation.

(A) much more young people

(B) few more young people

(C) much less young people

(D) a few more young people

(li) many more young people

25. 1’hc student was absorbed his work.

(A) by (B) in (C) at (I)) on (K) over

Instruction: In the following questions, choose the option nearest in meaning to the wortt(s)

or phrase underlined.

26. The boss told the man lo lei sleeping dons lie.

(A) not to look lor trouble

(B) not lo disturb other people

(C) lei the dogs sleep well

(D) let the dogs lie down well

(E) let the trouble begin

27. The fact that Ruth has inherited her late husband’s house is cold com Ion to her.

(A) appropriate comfort

(B) wet comfort

(C) dry comfort

(D) inadequate comfort

(H) no comfort at all

28. The headmaster decided to make good his promises to the students.

(A) improve

(B) complete

(C) explain

(D) realize

(E) fulfil

2′). The advertisement served as a smokc-scrcen for the activities of the company,

(fi.) a camouflage (B) a protection (C) an enhancement (0) an cxchangc

(E) a smoky screen

30. The judge always takes a hard line on such issues.

(A) complex stand

(B) multiple stand

(O simple suind

(I)) uncompromising stand

(K) difficult stand

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