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How To Read and Understand When is few Days to your Exams

Studying can be very tedious especially when your exams is few days or a week ahead. The pressure of memorizing and understanding everything for the exam becomes high.

Its get more frustration when you are trying to cram and it’s not working.

During this moment diverse of thoughts begins to set in like;

1 why didn’t I start reading earlier

2 what would I tell my parents I


3 How will I face my friends and colleagues who believed in me

4 Will I be able to forgive myself if I fail

5. What if am caught cheating

When these questions set into to yr mind it makes it more difficult for you to understand your books.

To make matter worse your level of Anxiety has increase tremendously,, your concentration level has drastically reduce

You wanted to consider group reading with friends but you are certain that it won’t lead you anywhere because the anxiety in you will only multiply.

You look up to the sky and pray to God to help you reminding him of the testimonies you have heard about those who have miraculously passed their exam but after giving it a second thought you knew you where deceiving yourself,you had enough time to read and study but u didn’t, infact your school gave you two weeks break before exams and aside from that most of your assignments which could have been of help where copied from your friends.

You also remember when you told your friends that you will come out with first class or distinction, you don’t know how to face them know.

sincerely you know you made wrong decisions but what can you do? the anxiety alone is killing you.

Let’s consider the following options:

  • ADMIT YOUR WRONGS. Yes! You are not taking your studies seriously, if you where you wouldn’t wait till exam time to study. Face it,this first step will get you relax a little
  • STOP WRONG EMOTIONS FROM SETTING IN. This is not the best time to get negative,you have make mistakes which you have admit,don’t start condemning yourself or reminding yourself of people expectations from you. As this will only make things worse
  • BE REALISTIC. You can’t have your cake and eat have wasted precious time to study well so with the short time you have,dont start expecting being the best student in your department, although this doesn’t mean you might not have good grades. Being realistic will help you focus well.
  • LOOK FOR A QUIET PLACE. You can also look for a place where you can be alone, as this will help you study without feeling tensed
  • START STUDYING WITHOUT RUSHING. You can’t afford to be hard on yourself than you already are,start studying, do cramming as much as you can.
  • GET HELP IF IT NECESSARY. At this point,you have to be true to yourself,look out for help if the topic involves calculations you don’t understand or difficult concepts.
  • REMAIN POSITIVE AND CALM. This will do you a lot of good,am sure if you follow the above listed options, you will definitely pass your exams well without having to cheat.

I wish you success in your exams and don’t forget it’s always better if you are prepared before your exams. Goodluck!

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