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The truth you should know before you study Law

These was posted by a member of a popular forum and all prospective lawyers should read.
I didn’t want to talk o, cos if i start to talk eh! Yea the guy is somewhat right.. I know a married man with a child earning 15k monthly working in a medium sized firm. The appearance fee he was promised never comes regularly.To feed his family is a big issue!Some clients would rather pay your appearance fee with thanks and prayers.
Law will make you rich if you are from a highly connected family where good briefs can fall on your laps, or after many years of blood, sweat and tears. I don’t know how to convey all my thoughts o, but finally being a lawyer is not as great as it’s cracked up to be. Just last week, a lawyer who is 20 years at the bar, was begging my colleague for 500 naira to eat at Court of appeal canteen. I almost cried because people seeing him outside would assume he is making it big. He has been owing his counsels in Chambers salary of 25k for about two months now.

I have been practicing law since 2014 and trust me, the personal briefs i have gotten hasn’t fetched me up to 250k!Not to discourage the op o, but be prepared for life after law school. It’s not rosy at all.My first job after service was with N10000 pay. I had to rely on my savings to get by, because that money couldn’t even feed me in two weeks.
By all means go to law school, but i beg you in God’s name.. Have a skill, business or talent that will feed you.. Law won’t give you the big bucks except u land a juicy job or come from a family with connections. So Yes some lawyers are 5 years at the bar, if you take them to the bank. They can’t boast of 200k account balance!.
If someone had been honest with me, i would have saved myself the long years of studying law by going for mass communications, then used the One million naira plus i spent in law school on books, feeding, fees, living expenses etc to quietly set up a business. By now i would have had chains of businesses. Anyways, thank God for opening my eyes.
In the law firm i work, all of us have businesss we combine with work to make extra cash. Two of my colleagues sells cars. One is into Digital branding, another does food supply from the North to hotels and restaurants (carrots, irish potatoes green peppers). The profession is over saturated. Only the older lawyers are cashing in big time, most new wigs are left to wallow in poverty. Just best to have a back up plan, so you don’t get lured into doing anything dirty for money.
Recently, someone was gisting me about a girl who attended the same university with me. As we speak she does runs to survive, alongside her job of 20k in Warri. She does rich married guys to meet up with her bills.You can imagine a professional trading her body for few crumbs. It is well o, just be smart, that’s all. (Do pardon the typos

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