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How to Avoid Carryover in Higher institution

Carryover is when a student fails a course and is expected to study it again and rewrite the course.Carryover is never the end of the road. In fact, it are not even close to the end of the road. In the process of our studies, we might have one or more carryover to rewrite. But it is very important to know that carryover does not mean the end of the road. Just as passing an examination does not mean that the student is intelligent. Carryover is caused by series of things of which the few involved are;

Missing scripts
You write an examination and all of a sudden, it turns out that you do not have a result because your script could not be traced. This reason for failure is not the students fault because it might be that the student studied, prepared and wrote well but unfortunately, he never made it. People might formulate a lot of reasons why the script could not be traced but the truth remains that as far as computer based examination and test are not fully implemented and deployed, this problem will continue to occur and reoccur. Even with computer based system, it is still possible that after and examination, the system or server could crash (although it’s very rare). Therefore, if you are trapped in this kind of situation buckle up and prepare for the course the subsequent year.

Problem with the Lecturer
Having a problem with your lecturer is never advisable because when the lecturer looks for ways to punish you and finds none, he or she might decide to fail you for no just reason. Therefore, strive as much as possible to avoid every and any form of misunderstanding with your lecturer. Education is not just for academic enlightenment but also for moral and behavioral development, so as much as it lies within you, be well behaved.

Examination malpractice
This is a serious worm or virus which has eaten up Nigerian educational system. When caught in the act, there is a very high possibility that the punishment for the offense might lead to failing that particular course in which you were caught. Abstain from examination malpractice, shun impersonation, read your books, study hard and then there will be nothing to be afraid of.

Lack of proper preparation
When you are not prepared for a course or an examination, there is no two ways about it, “you will fail” (just that examination malpractice has polluted the system). As it has been said before now that “he who fails to plan, plans to fail” it also implies that he who fails to prepare, prepares to fail. You are so busy with a lot of things or have become just too lazy that you no longer have time for your books and studies, how then do you intend to pass. Whenever you discover that you no longer study your books the way you are supposed to, wake up or else you start counting your carryover even before the examination starts.

Missing Practical
This could also make one fail a course. In the university I attended, practical was 20% while examination, test, assignment, attendance etc. made up the remaining 80% but if you get all the 80% and miss practical, it is sure fail. Therefore, as you strive to secure the 80 marks, also remember your practical courses. Although, this only have to do with those courses that have practical aspects.

Your Firm Stand for Righteousness
Many times, few of us take the risk of failing to make sure that we do not compromise our religious and righteous believes. In my undergraduate years, I had three carryovers, one was as a result of the fact that I had to drop the course and rewrote it later, while the other two were because I was not good in those courses and I vowed to myself not to get involved in any form of examination malpractice no matter how hard the course seems. The two courses I failed, I was sure of failing them even while I was still in the examination hall. I would have been so surprised if I passed the course. For me, I decided that failure will be more preferable to examination malpractice and to the last minute, I kept to it. I rewrote the two courses the next year and passed them with better grades.

Missing an Examination
[/b]Another reason why students fail in a course could be as a result of missing an examination, although it is very rare. Students miss examination for several reasons. Some dropped the course. Sickness is another reason why a student could miss an examination. So one of these or many more results in student missing an examination. Therefore with this, it is termed a carryover to be rewritten the next year though the course was never written at all.

[b]Not buying a Textbook
There are some institutions where buying of textbooks are made compulsory and therefore, when you buy the textbook it has an added mark to it. On the other hand, some greedy lecturers on their own accord make their textbooks compulsory. So failure to buy the textbook will make some students loose some marks which might be just the exact mark that is needed to make them pass the course. Still, some lecturers will intentionally fail students who do not buy their textbooks not minding the reason for which they were not able to buy the book.

So, it is important to know that as much as carryover is not a good thing, yet having a carryover or more does not make you a dullard. So if you are battling with one carryover or the other, read my next post on coping with Carryover

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