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5 ways polytechnic is better than university

We are all aware that in today world, the demand for University education is very high and many have been made to have bad and wrong perception about the polytechnic education system.
Some of this believes are misleading and untrue. Both the University and the polytechnic education system are here to stay and they will both be around for a very long time.

Why is the polytechnic system better to the University system.
To be honest with my readers it’s good to acquire bsc and if you unable to do so, you can always go for diploma.. Everyone cannot and will never be a university graduate and the level of success that can be acquired in life at this present age can no longer be determined by either bsc,hnd or any educational related certification..

The advantage of National diploma ND or OND: There are so many jobs out there today that required the services of only national diploma holder and as a bsc or hnd holder you are not qualified for such job.
Some of the jobs has helped many to set their life on the right path,to start a family and to further education.
So, having ond or ND will automatically make some job open to you and every other degree may not give such.
80% of those working as bank teller today are employed as OND Holder.
Many have climbed through the ladder of attaining better position when they study further.
They Start small and get bigger along the line…..

Polytechnic cut down time Wastage:
The dream of everyone aspiring to go to school is to end up in a reputable university and so many people have wasted many precious time chasing bsc.
Staying at home for 4 to 5 years in the name of getting university admission is a bad call..
University does not give automatic employment nor open door to success.
If you fail twice chasing university education, you can always switch to polytechnic and within 2 years you would have something in return and you will be issued a Diploma certificate.
So many things can be done with a diploma.

Studying in polytechnic is more flexible.
The number of year required to complete polytechnic education is approximately 4 years and it includes both ND and HND.
2 years for ND and 2 years for HND.
The polytechnic system has made it easy for learners to use their first 2 years to acquire national diploma and another 2 years to acquire higher national diploma.
Within this period you can make meaningful adjustment, necessary changes whenever it is needed academically and career wise.

4) Cheaper Fees: Research shows that the tuition fees in Nigeria polytechnics is cheaper compare to universities.
One of the most expensive polytechnic in Nigeria is Ibadan poly and fees and charges in Ibadan poly is less than 75,000 however we have many states universities that charge up-to 150,000 and 200,000.
Moreso, no private university is charging less than 400,000 in Nigeria.
Polytechnic has made education affordable to the general masses.

5) you can be who you want to be without Bsc,ND and Hnd.

I won’t undermine the benefits if education, everyone deserve to go to school, to acquire knowledge and to get a certificate.
However the unemployment rate is on the increase and the value attached to certificate drop everyday.
You need a skill to put yourself on a good position..
If education fails you will always have something as backup plan.
Many graduates today are job seeker and not job creator.
You need to think outside the box, learn a skill, start a business you have passion for and you can always carry education along with your plans..
It’s never too late to make things right and to set you feed on the right part.
It’s your life and our world, make things happen now.

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