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5 Basic Skills Every Student Should Learn

Ever wondered what makes some students stand out among their peers?
No, not because they are brilliant, but because they have mastered some skills that others haven’t. Having these skills, have make learning easier and in some cases, earn them some cash. Here are 5 basic skills you need to stand out among your peers
1. Desktop publishing: Desktop publishing is one of the primary skills you need to acquire. As this will save you from stress, and the financial burden that comes with paying N200 to type a single page of document or the embarrassment of having to present a slide you didn’t design. The most important tools you need to master are Microsoft word, PowerPoint, and Microsoft excel or any variable of these.
These tools will come in handy when you want to: submit a typed document, such as your project or assignments or do a visual presentation, whether in school or while working, in your career.
The good news is; you don’t have to break the bank to learn these skills. In fact, the only thing you need is a computer (if you don’t have one, you can always use that of a friend) and a good internet connection to access free online resources (such as; online YouTube tutorials, free PDFs and slides) that are easily available. Another way to learn faster is to watch your friends while they use any of these tools, plus constant practice.
2. Graphic design: A good knowledge of graphic design will not only set your work apart, but also make you some cash. People, including lecturers and supervisors, love good graphics. The more visually appealing your work is, the better your chance of getting good grades.
3. Creative Writing: Not just writing, but creative writing. You must learn how to write good and self-explanatory content. Although, attention is now shifting to digital testing, but we still have a whole lot of tests being taken in paper and pencil format. This means you need a good writing skill to convince your lecturer about your knowledge on a particular topic.
Your writing style should be self-explanatory. As you will not be present when your script is marked, let your work defend you.
Learning how to write well will also help you in your career whether it is in finding a job, writing a business plan or proposal or writing good research article as a professional.
4. Good Presentation skill: Most people freak out at the thought of making a presentation. This is something you cannot avoid. Whether you are the boss or the employee, you will have to present at one point. You should start mastering your presentation skill from the beginning of your academic career. As you will need to present assignments, take tutorials or present a project at some point.
5. Public speaking skill: To go beyond average, you need to learn what others don’t feel comfortable doing. You need to learn how to face crowd and still say something relevant, this is public speaking.,

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