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HomeNewsWAEC result is not valid for 10 years – waec  registrar

WAEC result is not valid for 10 years – waec  registrar

​There have been series of questions regarding the validity of waec result and certificate.

some believe the certificate is valid for only 5 Years while others argue that the result is valid for 10 years.

the good news is that we will share more  light on the issue and you will know the validity of waec result and certificate today.

As stated from the source, the waec registrar last year.

the registrar clearly stated that Waec result is valid for life.

Waec result does not expire in as much as the owner is still alive, the result can be used .

No school can reject your  WAEC result even if the result is 200 years old


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  1. what of neco result. how many year will it be valid

  2. can waec result of year 2000 be combined with waec result of year 2018

  3. Stephen Sunday Johnson udoaka

    I got my physics, economics and agricultural science but didn’t make my English and maths in waec 2011 required for admission can I sit for Neco or Gce at first sitting to get admission in 2019. and secondly please recommend any good tutor/ lecture class within ikorodu Lagos. combining WAEC WITH NECO OR GCE RESULT. my number 09036820979

  4. Raji Aremu Bamidele Jeleel

    I have ssce results of 1984 but wish to register for NOUN for a degree course, can I go ahead?

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  6. My waec is ten years, but i was told it cant be used for student visa anymore

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