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How your jamb score,o lever result and catchment Area will Determine Your Admission in 2016/17

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board has finally released the modalities for this year’s admission process, in other words, the method of admission.
We would like to educate the Jambites and other DE candidates on how it is done.
This new method uses a point system that is easy to understand, the whole process is divided into main points as follows;
1) Before a candidate can be considered for screening, he/she must have been given provisional admission by Jamb. The Jamb admission checker portal is going to be opened soon for this process, so praying is all you can do now.
This is the most critical part of the process. Jamb’s provisional admission no longer makes much sense this year, your points tally will decide your faith. The points are evenly spread out between your O’level and Jamb results to provide a level playing field for all.
In the first case, any candidate who submits only one result which contains his/her relevant subjects already has 10points, the exam could be NECO, WAEC, GCE etc, but any candidate who has 2 sittings only gets 2 points. So this means that aspirants with only one result are at an advantage but only just.
The next point grades fall into the O’level grades. Each grades has it’s equivalent point, A=6 marks, B=4 marks, C=3 marks, so the better your grades the better your chances.
The next point is the UTME scores. Each score range has its equivalent point which can be summarized thus, 180-200=20-23 marks, 200-250=24-33 points, 251-300=34-43, 300-400=44-60 points. Each categories contains 5 Jamb results per point added, for example a candidate with 180-185 gets 20points, a candidate with 186-190 gets 21 points etc.
Points system for DE will be released soon.
3) It then comes down to the fact that fees will still be charged for screening, it depends on the school as well.
4) Catchment and Educational Less Developed State ELDS will still be used! Merit contains 45% of the total candidates for a particular course, Catchment contains 35% and ELDS and staff lists contains the rest.
5) Cutoff marks will be released by schools this year in the form of points and not marks. If a school declares it’s cutoff mark for Medicine as 90 points and Jamb grants a candidate with 250 a provisional admission but his/her total points falls short of the 90 points, then he/she will lose the admission. So the provisional admission is just a means to an end, not the end in itself.

Good Luck Guys
*The modality for candidates’ screening in all universities is out now on jamb’s site, pls check and download.*


_1.Screening of candidates shall be for those offered *Provisional Admissions* ONLY._

_1.No *written examination* to be conducted._

_2.Verification of Course Requirements levels or levels)._

_3.Verification of valid JAMB results by checking:_

_i.Online Result Slip_ _ii.Printout_
_iii.Provisional Admission Letter_
_iv.Photo Album_
_v.Check list_

*5.Institutions are free to source from other Course(s) to compensate for SHORTFALL in any of the criteria.*
If you have 1 sitting.. it’s automatically 10 like dah for you

Calculate you O’level aggregate of the 5 subject

A1 = 6
B2, B3 = 4
C4,C5,C6 = 3

Let’s say one has 2 A’s and 3 B’s

6+6+4+4+4 = 24

Assuming one had 250
In utme = 33

Add all together

10 +24 + 33 = 67

Aggregate = 67
For jamb
Soo for jamb

In the order above
to make the 60points obtainable for 396-400=60pts..

For instance, an aspirant with 1 sittings O’level(10pts) 2 A1s(12pts) 3Cs(9pts) and 292 in jamb(42pts) will then have a total screening score of 73%

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