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opinion and Advise on the Best courses to study in Nigerian schools

I have read so many articles on the best courses to study in Nigeria schools, however this is my own stand on the whole issue.

Well,crazy opinions,the fact still remains that no
matter what you study or studied,only those who
are phenomenal in their disciplines and have
access to infos regarding the hot opportunities in
such disciplines will get hot pay cheques.there
are courses that develop you,there are courses
that only give you a certificate.its not all about
what you studied,rather its about what studied
you(ie what you are so good at).today we’ve
engrs,accountants,mathematicians etc,as
musicians,big business
owners,investors,politicians,decorators and
invent planners,Djs, focus on what you can
do and be happy,not on certificates.I have never
seen a medical doctor,a
lawyer,mathematician,Engr etc,rank top 50
richest,or even less.listen,your certificate can only
give you financial succes.what will give you
financial freedom is never learnt within the
classroom.As my success model(Robert
kiyosaki)would quote his rich dad,”nothing good
can ever be learnt in the classroom”Life is
business,and money is the spirit of business and
secret is the stronghold of business and it those
not take money to make if you have
nothing different to offer the world,you will
remain may be a doctor,but I tell you
there are millions of them out if you
have nothing different from them,then you will
go hungry.two grauates of same discipline went
for an interview,one was taken and the other
rejected.why was it so,coz one offered something you may be an accountant,but when
somebody that read Igbo offers more unique
stuffs to the interviewers,he/she will be taken and
you will be rejected.what am I trying to say,if
you want to be rich,focus on developing yourself
in financial literacy and ethics,but if you want to
work(abandon your dream to help others achieve
theirs)you can keep on placing values on
certificates.I am studying maths,and I will still
study accounting,but I know that these are not
what are going to make me a millionaire.I know
what will generate wealth for me(financial
intelligence).so why am I studying maths,coz
knowledge is power.why must I have financial
intelligence,coz without it,I will not be
Wealthy.and no matter how much knowlege you
‘ve,if you have no money,you are useless!!! Get
wise,educate yourslf,learn and relearn coz your
destiny is in your hands.for me Martz moore,the
best school in the world is the “street” class room
things has few things to teach.the examination of
life is more difficult than that of the class room.if
you pass the exams in the class room,you will get
certificates.if you pass the exams of life,you will
get money.which do you prefer?

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