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2 sittings results for Admission – what you need know


The usage of two sittings is a common and acceptable norms in Nigeria institution and it has been in existence for a very long time. You can combine two results to secure admission in your choice of institution.

The O-level exams you can combine together includes…


Waec and neco

Neco and Gce

Gce and waec

Nabteb and waec

Neco and Nabteb

Neco Gce and waec

Neco Gce and Gce

Neco Gce and Nabteb

Waec and waec

Gce and Gce

Neco and Neco

Nabteb and Nabteb

All the combination listed above is acceptable and you result can be combined in the format stated above. However Nabteb is not acceptable in all institutions and you should ensure it’s acceptable before you make use of it.

More so, I want to clarify the wrong impression on the superiority placed on Watching over Neco. Some have been made to believe that neco is not acceptable in all Nigeria institution. The truth is that all Nigeria institution accept Neco result and you can use it to study any course of your choice. Both neco and watching result are equivalent in all ramification.

Lastly,some universities always release a special remarks on medicine and law and you may not be allowed to use two sittings however this institutions are just few.

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