HomedataHow to get 1GB data on mtn for only 50

How to get 1GB data on mtn for only 50


I have been enjoying 1GB data on mtn daily to download my files,films and other documents at the rate of 50. These data has saves me a lot of money and I can easily download at a faster speed and at a cheaper rate.

For those who do not know, the cost of getting data on mtn monthly plan for 1 .5 plan is 1000 and if you can get 1gb for 50 only, it’s a good deal.


These plan is more suitable for the download warriors, those who download large files and the end result is to save extra bulks of cash in the pocket.

Mtn night plan gives you 500mb for just 25 and you can easily subscribe on 2 different sims to get 1 GB. You can enjoy your date between the hours of 12am to 4am. I always use the date to download games, videos,music and large files.

What to know about the mtn night plan.

Unused data will be erased by 4 am

You can only subscribe once on a sim card in 24 hours.

Work for only mtn pulse subscribers

Mtn offers the cheapest night plan in Nigeria.

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