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5 most popular infinix mobile phones, 2013 to 2018


I am one of the regular customer of infinix mobile and I have used many of their products. Right back from 2013 I heard about infinix mobile and in 2015 I decided to give one of their product a try and I must say that my experience was good if not better compare to the previous brand of mobile device I have used in the past.

One of the reasons infinix attracted many customers is the consumer friendly price that each of their product carry to the sales market, it gives Nigerians and other African the benefit of enjoying an android device at a cheaper rate.


Today…infinix has penetrated the Nigeria market and it’s still the most used mobile phones by the average Nigerians ever since the departure of Nokia phones. Infinix may have find it difficult to get a 100% consumer score record but the remarks from consumers is quite encouraging.

5 most popular infinix brand I have used in the past.

These are some of the brands I have used and I must say that I find them good and reliable..each of this brand was used for only 1 year before it waa sold out as second hand value and I can recommend it as one of their best products that the production is still in existence or discontinued.

Infinix hotenote series: These phones never die and there are still many of them in the market. The mobile phone is more than 4 years old and some of the brands produced for consumer consumption still works fine.

These phones come with 1 GB and 2gb ram and 16 GB storage.

Infinix Note Series: These is another ever reliable infix brand…the note series come with 1 GB,2gb and 3gb respectively. So far infinx has producsd, note 1, note 2, note 3 and note 4 respectively and the the recent version is the note 4.

Image attached above. Infinix note series is a bit expensive compare to hotnotes series.

Infinix hot series

Infinix hot is another successful infinix product, it penetrated the market in 2016 and it sold many units. The latest of the series is the infinix hot 5 and the price is pocket friendly. Infinix gives 1 year warranty on each of their products excluding physical and hardware damages.

Image of infinix hot 4

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