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3 mistakes you should avoid when preparing for an examination


The Top 3 Mistakes Students Make Studying

Did you know that research shows students can often forget up to 90% of what they study, just days after they cram? What if I told you that you could dramatically improve your exam scores while studying half the time you were studying before?


Well you can, and all it takes is a commitment with Scholar Institute. Our “adaptive flashcards” learning experience can more than double your learning efficiency by helping you avoid the 3 most common study mistakes.

Mistake #1: Not starting early enough. We all know that “cramming” is much less effective than spacing our studies over time. But it’s historically been so annoying to have to remember to sit down and study every day, that we end up procrastinating until the last minute.

Mistake #2: Studying passively. Simply “reviewing” your notes or textbook over and over is almost the same as not studying at all. You need to actively engage with the content or it will never truly stick. At the very least, you can try highlighting your notes or writing summaries in the margins.

Mistake # 3: Studying in chronological order. Even if you have been highlighting text as you proceed through your notes, the act of “linearly” reviewing your notes from beginning to end is a huge waste of time. This is because you are continually passing through material that you already know well, while not spending enough time on the hardest parts.

Hope these tips help! We’re always looking out for your grades and your education success.

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