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5 things you should know before you Apply for IJMB


Many students, parent and educational consultant have stumble on IJMB on the internet without have a complete knowledge of what IJMB is all about.
Finally ijmbnews.com has decided to brief the general public on what ijmb is all about before you consider registering and the information that will be provided below will give your a wider scope of what IJMB is all about and you can decide to give it a try or not.
we shall discuss 5 important key details you need to know about ijmb in Nigeria

WHAT IS IJMB : ijmb stand Interim Joint Matriculation Board and it was founded by ahmadu bello university ABU zaria to cater for those seeking admission into 200 level without taking Jamb examination, the duration of the ijmb programme is 9 months and a result will be issued after completing the programme. ABU is the founding father of IJMB and accreditation and approval has been given to other fed,state and private institutions to run ijmb programme.
WHAT DO I DO WITH IJMB RESULT: many new and old students of ijmb often ask the question and this question is perfect when asked before you enrol for IJMB programme.
ijmb result open door to admission in different Nigeria universities. with ijmb you can secure admission to 200 level in your prefered university in Nigeria. All successful ijmb students do not need to obtain Jamb form to gain admission. ijmb Admission is strickly through direct entry.
WHERE WILL IJMB PROGRAMME HOLD: There are different accredited centres across the nation and all regitered applicants will be able to select their prefer centre. A regitered candidates will be able to select a state of his/her choice in the course of registration. However candidates need to beware of unaccredited ijmb centres.
COST OF IJMB: i will list out the various expesnses that an ijmb student will be required to pay to run the programme from the start to finish.
registration fees 5000 only
school fees 90,000 only
hostel fees 25,000
material/handout fee 15,000
total fees 140,000 only
The payment above can be paid in instalment.

THE PERCENTAG RATE OF SECURING ADMISSION WITH IJMB. These is a question that many ijmb centre always try to avoid and spending 140,000 without securing admission is a very big loss if you consider the money and the time sacrificed.
The succss of every applicants lies in the hand of the centre and a prospective student its very important to register with the right centre. A centre that have what it takes to ensure the success of all students. THERE are only few IJMB Centres with such attribute and we can always direct you to the right centre.

for more information on ijmb and how  to register call 07063823924 or visit www.ijmbnews.com

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