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Classifying Humans byActions: Where Do You belong?


Humans live. Humans die. Sometimes, long deadhumans will always be remembered. Why? What

can we do to be remembered by the world at


large when we’re dead? How can classifying

humans by actions aid us to know whether we’ll

be remembered (after death) for our actions?

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The purpose of this article isn’t to put fear into

the mind of people but rather, to encourage

everyone (especially young people) into taking the

right steps in life….


Classifying humans by the outcome of their


There may be many words used to classify

humans but in this article, I’ll use just four words:


Trend makers

Follower of pacesetters

Follower of trend makers

Lets examine each of the aforementioned words


Jesus, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin and many

others have at least something in common: they

did something and they’re remembered for it.

Pacesetters may be ridiculed at the present

because what they’re doing is new and somewhat

weird but they’ll definitely be remembered in the


Trend makers

Yomi casual, Davido, Linda Ikeji and many others

are popular now cause of what they offer. Truth

be told: if they stop what they’re doing now,

they’ll be forgotten in time. Trend makers are

very popular presently cause of their actions but

in the future, very few will be remembered cause

by then they may be viewed as off-trend.

Followers of pace setters

These people, just like pace setters, would do

what’ll be remembered in the future. Unlike

pacesetters, they may not be remembered by

name but surely their works would be

remembered. Like Dalton’s atomic theory has

some postulations. These postulations are known

but they still bear the name of Dalton’s atomic

theory even though Dalton was not the one who

wrote them.

Followers of trend makers

These people are the ones who are known with

trends. Followers of trend makers are known to

always have the latest song or wear the latest

style in fashion or know the latest gist. In

summary, they are trendy while the people they

follow are trending. Most youths fall in this


Of the above four categories, just one is negative

but yet it is the most populous. Why is this so?

‘Followers of trend makers’ is populous because

it appears the most enjoying. The truth is that

these people will either keep up with the trend or

die with it. I advise every youth to do the right


Don’t be just a Trends follower. B e a pacesetter

or make trends. Do new things and don’t wait for

other people to do new things. Be innovative.

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