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MAUTECH Postgraduate Admision Form 2017/2018 Now on Sale


​Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the School of Post Graduate Studies (SPGS), Modibbo Adama University of Technology (MAUTECH), Yola for the 2017/2018 academic session.

Available Postgraduate Programmes


Postgraduate Diploma

PGD Agricultural Economics

PGD Agricultural Extension & Rural Sociology

PGD Postharvest Physiology & Storage Technology

PGD Crop Protection

PGD Fisheries Technology

PGD Forestry Technology

PGD Wildlife Conservation & Management

PGD in Soil Management and Land Use Planning

Postgraduate Diploma in Construction Project Management

PGD Surveying & Geo-informatics

PGD Urban and Regional Planning

Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting and Finance

Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

Postgraduate Diploma in Banking and Finance (PGDBF)

PGDTE Technology Education

Master’s Degree

M.Sc. Agricultural Economics

M.Sc. Agricultural Extension & Rural Sociology

Master of Animal Production (MAP)

M.Sc Animal Science

M.Tech Agronomy

M.Tech Crop Breeding

M.Tech Postharvest Physiology & Storage Technology

M.Tech Crop Protection

M.Tech. Fisheries Management and Aquaculture

M.Tech Ecosystems Management (Options in Forest Biology and Ecology, and Wildlife Conservation and Management)

M.Tech Forest Products Management and Utilization (Options in Forest Resource Management and Forest Economics and Policy)

M.Tech Soil Science

M.Eng Farm Power and Machinery

M.Eng Soil and Water Engineering

M.Eng Soil and Water Engineering

M.Eng. Chemical Engineering (Process Option)

M.Eng. Chemical Engineering (Ceramic Option)

M.Eng Electrical Engineering (Electronics & Telecommunication)

M.Eng Electrical Engineering (Control & Instrumentation)

M.Eng Electrical Engineering (Power & Machines)

M.Eng Production and Industrial Engineering

M.Sc. Construction Project Management

M.Sc. Geography

M.Sc. Environmental Management

M.Tech. Surveying & Geo-informatics

MURP in Urban and Regional Planning

Masters in Treasury and Financial Management (MTFM)

Master of Science Accounting

M.Sc. Economics

M.Tech Information Management Technology

Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Masters in Public Administration (MPA)

M.Sc. Banking and Finance

M.Sc. Management

M.Tech General Biochemistry

M.Tech Analytical Chemistry

M.Tech Industrial Chemistry

M.Tech Physical Chemistry

M.Tech Organic Chemistry

M.Tech Computer Science

M.Sc Economic Geology and Mineral Exploration

M.Sc Hydrogeology/ Engineering Geology

M.Sc Sedimentology/Petroleum Geology

M.Sc Paleontology/Stratigraphy

M.Sc Mathematics

M.Sc Mathematics with Economics

M.Tech Radiation and Health Physics

M.Tech Energy Physics

M.Tech Solid State Physics

M.Tech Geophysics

M.Tech Physics

M.Sc Operations Research

M.Sc Statistics

M.Tech Applied Entomology and Parasitology

M.Tech Ecology and Environmental Biology

M.Tech Applied Hydrobiology and Fisheries

M.Tech. Ed. Electrical Technology

M.Tech. Ed. Electronics Technology

M.Ed Curriculum & Instruction

M.Ed Educational Psychology

M.Tech Ed. in Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Physics and Mathematics

M.Ed Educational Management

M.Tech Ed. Wood Technology

M.Tech Ed. Construction Technology

M.Tech Ed. Mechanical (Automobile) Technology

M.Tech Ed. Mechanical (Production) Technology

M.Tech Agricultural Technology Education

M.A. Peace and Conflict Studies

Doctor of Philosophy

Ph.D Agricultural Economics

Ph.D Agricultural Extension & Rural Sociology

Ph.D Animal Science

Ph.D Agronomy

Ph.D. Crop Breeding

Ph.D. Postharvest Physiology and Storage Technology

Ph.D Crop Protection with options in Nematology, Bacteriology, Mycology & Entomology

Ph.D Fisheries Management and Aquaculture in Fish Nutrition, Fish Breeding & Genetics, Aquatic Toxicology, Environmental Pollution, Processing and Preservation, Fisheries Management, Fish Biology, Fish Pathology & Pathobiology.

Ph.D. Ecosystems Management (Options in Forest Biology and Ecology, and Wildlife Conservation and Management)

Ph.D. Forest Products Management and Utilization (Options in Forest Resource Management and Forest Economics and Policy)

Ph.D Soil Science

Ph.D Agricultural and Environmental Engineering with options in Farm Power and Machinery

Ph.D Production Engineering

Ph.D Thermofluids and Energy Engineering

Ph.D Solid Mechanics

Ph.D. Construction Project Management

(ii) Ph.D. Geography with specialization in Climatology, Geomorphology, Hydrology and Water Resources, Transportation, Population, Rural Geography, Soils and Biogeography, Remote Sensing and GIS Application.

Ph.D. Environmental Management

Ph.D Surveying & Geo-informatics

Ph.D. Urban and Regional Planning

Ph.D Accounting

Ph.D Economics

Ph.D Toxicology Biochemistry

Ph.D Pharmaceutical Biochemistry

Ph.D Medical Biochemistry

Ph.D Analytical Chemistry

Ph.D Industrial Chemistry

Ph.D Organic Chemistry

Ph.D Physical Chemistry

Ph.D Polymer Chemistry

Ph.D Computer Science

Ph.D Economic Geology and Mineral Exploration

Ph.D Sedimentology/Petroleum Geology

Ph.D Stratigraphy

Ph.D Mathematics

Ph.D Medical Microbiology

Ph.D Industrial Microbiology

Ph.D Environmental Microbiology

Ph.D Cytogenetics and Plant Breeding

Ph.D Plant Pathology

(vi) Ph.D Programmes with options in Solid State Physics, Energy Physics, Radiation and Health Physics, Geophysics and Physics

Ph.D Operations Research

Ph.D Statistics

Ph.D Applied Entomology and Parasitology

Ph.D Applied Hydrobiology and Fisheries

Ph.D Public Health Parasitology

Ph.D Electrical Technology

Ph.D Electronics Technology

Ph.D Curriculum & Instruction

Ph.D Educational Psychology

Ph.D Biology Education, Physics Education, Geography Education and Mathematics Education

Ph.D Educational Management

Ph.D Automobile Technology Education

Ph.D Mechanical Production Technology Education

Ph.D Construction Technology Education

Ph.D Woodwork Technology Education

Ph.D Agricultural Technology Education

Method Of Application

Please adhere to the following instructions to successfully apply/register for any programme to the School of Post Graduate Studies (SPGS), Modibbo Adama University of Technology (MAUTECH), Yola.

Candidates are to visit the website http://mautechspgs.university and created your Candidate Account

Payments would be made through the usual channels and your transaction PIN obtained from the Microfinance Bank, Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola

On acquiring this PIN, you would need to sign into you Candidate account to continue your application or registration process.

If you wish to apply for any postgraduate programme, navigate to Candidateship > Applications and click on New Application or you can click on the “APPLY NOW” link on your Dashboard.

If you wish to register for an admitted programme navigate to Enrolment > Registrations and click on New Registration or you can click on the “REGISTER NOW” link on your Dashboard.

Use the PIN above to fill out the forms. There are nine (9) steps to completing the application/registration process.

On submission of your application/registration, print out the form and complete the next step.

Applicants [ONLY] are to download the online Referee Request Form, have it completed by three referees and send the forms to the SPGS office MAUTECH along with the printed application form and other relevant credentials/certificates (for instance, your NYSC discharge certificate/exemption letter, WAEC certificate and more) are to be forwarded to the SPGS office MAUTECH.

All documents in the step above are to be sent in duplicate.

Applicants [ONLY] are required to download the Transcript Request Form, complete it and send it to their previous institutions and make a THOROUGH ARRANGEMENT with their previous institutions to forward copies of their transcript along with the Transcript Request Form completed to the Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies at the Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola. Without transcripts applicant’s forms shall not be processed.

Registering candidates [ONLY] should complete their registration by returning to their respective departments for Course signing.

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