HomeNewsinformation to all Waec candidates with incomplete/failed/Pass Results

information to all Waec candidates with incomplete/failed/Pass Results


​The recently released 2017 waec results is more better to the previous results if you study the statistics and analysis provided by Waec and to move on with the Adventure the next line of action for all successful candidates is to pursue their Admission goals.

If you are  among the candidates witg 5 or more credit passes in the relevant subjects, you deserve to celebrate however there are still battle ahead, A battle you need to win to get a trophy..


Do you know that 1 subject may hinder you from been qualified for Admission.there are some subjects that are very important and they cannot be substituted

Firstly it depend on the…


2) school 

3) course of choice.
1) some subjects are very important and without such subjects, securing admission will be impossible and a good example is English language.

Without English you will not be able to study any course in any Nigeria institutions.
2) some schools may waive some subject while other may not, there are situation whereby commerce will be accepted in lieu of Economics ( you can use commerce to replace Economics) however this is only possible in few institutions and it’s very rare.


3) Each courses have the subject requirements and your inability to meet such requirements may be a slap on the face and the possibility of securing admission may be zero.

For a science students that wish to study medical or engineering related courses…the subject required includes ( English, chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics )

If you don’t have any of the subject listed above, you still need to retake another exam to make-up for the subject you failed.
Other important subjects includes
Government – anyone that which to study law, mass communication, political science

Economics – All social science courses require Economics and without economics you may not be able to secure admission in your choice of institution.

Literature— Law,mass communication and English language require literature.
For those who failed one or two subject and you are not sure if it will be accepted or you are qualified to apply, you can post your questions here and our team will respond to all your  questions.

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