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JAMB Mock Exam Results 2017 – Any Message Yet ?


​JAMB has confirmed that results for the 2017 Mock Exams will be released soon. We will use this thread to monitor when or if the results for the JAMB Mock Exams will be released.

Based on experiences from the previous JAMB exams, results are expected to be ready even within 2 hours after writing the exams. In 2016, some candidates started receiving results before they got home.
Whenever JAMB wants to release results, we urge them to be careful and verify results before they are released. The candidates are in no hurry to receive their results, as long as what eventually comes out, represents the actual performance of the student.

Please feel free to let us know if you have received any message from JAMB concerning the release of results for the 2017 Mock Exam.

Myschoolnewz is currently going through all the experiences received and we will release a publication to give you the ultimate points you should not miss during the main exam. Stay Tuned.

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