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Updates on UI Senate meeting held on tuesday


It is no longer news that the management of the institution
through its Senate has concluded its decision on
It was decided at the meeting that resumption date remains
UNANNOUNCED until the Governing Council sits on Monday,
May 16, 2016 over Mote’s case.

We know that this craft on the side of the management is an
attempt to dampen students spirit and disinterest us
(students) in this ongoing struggle; we are also aware that it
is an attempt to prevent further students’ agitation if the
Council’s decision does not free or favour Mote.
Greatest Uites! They have suddenly forgotten that we will
forever remain resilient and undaunted in this struggle.
Whether resumption is now or later, we shall continue with
our agitation if Mote is not freed.
As we remain optimistic, we urge everyone not to allow
anything such as this to disunite us. Let us continue to raise
our voices against injustice.
Let the countdown begin


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