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Uniabuja Suspend SUG president- see reason


Uniabuja SUG President Suspended Over Alleged Fund
The uniabuja SUG parliament takes a bold step, by
suspending chris ifeanyi from the SUG presidency.
Chris ifeanyi, who’s been stripped off, of his uniabuja SUG
presidential power, due to several funds looting allegations
labelled against him, shows no sign of regret nor guilt, as he
denied all the allegations labelled against him, in front of
uniabuja SUG Parliament speaker.
9jaflaver news team, who dogged dip into this issue, found
out that, chris ifeanyi bribed the previous SUG president
“pelumi” who’s very influential, politically, and socially in
Uniabuja campus and the student affairs. The reason to such
bribe by chris ifeanyi, was to cover all the loop holes that
might make him loose his position as the SUG president,
and also to seek for very powerful back-bones that’ll help
him retain his presidential position, which seems to be
collapsing gradually.
Chris ifeanyi who now lacks trust among his fellow uniabuja
comrades, due to his high rate of funds looting, and
embezzlement, is now facing serious charges of 4million
naira theft from the uniabuja SUG treasury. Chris ifeanyi
also collected the sum of 1million naira for an assignment to
Lagos, but the funny fact was that, chris ifeanyi hid in abuja,
forfeited the journey, pretended to be in lagos carrying out
the assignment, while he hid himself in a hotel located in
abuja, wuse town. A co-comrade of uniabuja didn’t believe
his eyes when he spotted chris ifeanyi entering the hotel
while wearing a short and a singlet, seems he came out from
the hotel for a quick shopping.
So, the uniabuja SUG parliament took the bold step of
suspending “chris ifeanyi” as the uniabuja SUG president, till
further notice.

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