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difference between offered Admission and consider for Admission


The two popular terms used by most Nigeria universities and polytechnics ” Offered admission and consider for admission ” will be discuss briefly for better understanding.

Offered Admission: it simply means you have been admitted into the school and you have been offered admission to study in one of the approved department.
Anyone offered admission can now proceed to make payment for acceptance fee and Admission notification and letter will also be issued by the school.
Such candidate will now be regarded as a bona fide student of the school.

Consider for Admission: many candidates always fall under this category and it does not necessarily mean you will be offered admission.
What it really mean is that you have meet the school admission requirement and you will be review further to see if you are eligible to be among the few candidates that will be admitted or not.
Any candidates who fail to meet up with the school admission requirement will not be considered for admission.

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