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5 Admission rules you must follow to ensure You Gain admission – A Must Read


As we all know that the stage is set and the sales of 2016/2017 post utme form has commence and candidates needs to be aware of the 5 rules of admission that can guarantee your admission.

Rule 1 : Adequate preparation: he will fail to plan is definitely heading for defeat and the sooner you understand the concept of this rule, the better it get for you.
By now all prospectives students of various institution are expected to be working day and night to ensure you prepare adequately for the forthcoming post utme exam.
score does not give Admission in Nigeria institution but a higher or good score does.
50 is score while 70 is a good or higher score.
Only candidates that are well prepared will be able to attain the required score.


Rule 2: Past question: post utme past question paper are very important for the success of all prospective students.
Imagine having an insight as to how your school post utme exam will be and also having the likely questions with you.
It’s an advantage you should always count on and myschoolnewz.com can provide you with the complete and correct post utme past question for your school.

Rule 3: Don’t Abadon Meat for Fish: beware and don’t make this silly mistake.
The 2016 jamb policy gave each registered candidates the opportunity to select two different universities.
However you must be inform that only the university you select as first choice will be more willing to consider you for admission while the university you choose as 2nd choice may not consider you for admission.
Make sure you put 70% of your strength on the university you selected as first choice and give the remaining 30% strength you have to the university you selected as 2nd choice.

Rule 4 : whenever you see short cut ( take it ) short cut is simply a way of asking friends, family, a friend or neighbour who is currently a student of the school you applied for or anyone who can assist you in the school you applied for in jamb.
Some institutions does not admit based on merit alone but also through short cut and however you need to careful of scammers and 419 who may also want to defraud you when searching for short cut.
Some short cut are free and powerful.

Rule 5: Common Sense : common sense should be able to tell anyone that score below 200 in jamb with the aim of studying medicine or law to quickly change his/her course to something lower.
Some courses are extremely competitive and a very low score in jamb will definitely throw you out.
Ensure your score is good enough for your course.
Best of luck to everyone.
I Drop my Pen.


  1. if our mark is not able to addmit to 1st choice of our school and it is allow in 2nd choice..what should that person do

  2. I Got 192 In My Utme But I Want To Study Accounting At Funnab Has My First Choice..Is It Sure I Can See Addimision Their Because I Hear Their Cut-off Mark Is 200.

  3. olaniyan oluwasegun

    I score 160 in jamb can I study mass communication in Polyibadan

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