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5 things you should know about HND programme in polytechnic


To all National diploma out there that wish to further their education to the hnd level, we have some important point that may be useful to you.

[b] Point 1: Course selection[/b] The course you study in ND must also be the same course you must apply for in HND level.
If you study banking, you cannot change to business admin in your Hnd Level.
You will need to continue building on the foundation you have laid from ND1


Point 2: Academic Transcript : you need to be informed that your Transcript will be required before you can be considered for Admission and it’s always advisable to include it in the period of the registration.

Point 3: Duration: HND programme will take 4 semester and 2 years for all courses.

Point 4: HND Conversion to Bsc : After completing your hnd programme, you can convert your result bsc by enrolling in a 2 years programme offered by some university.

Point 5: JOB : Despite the economic hardship and increasing unemployment, there are many jobs out there open to Hnd graduates and you can always compete with BSC holder.

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