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Fed poly ILARO new procedure for registration for HND 2 and ND 2


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Log in to the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro website:


On the Website, click COLLEGE PORTAL

On the Portal click RETURNING STUDENT (a drop down menu appears)

On the drop down menu, click GENERATE INVOICE

A dialogue box would appear requiring your Matric Number.

Input your Matric number correctly. 

The dialogue box is programmed to provide a default fee Type: SCHOOL FEES:  this is your fee type. You would be taken to your school fee Invoice page where you are to verify that your personal data is correct;

if it is correct, click Generate Invoice for your school fee Invoice. (If your personal data is wrong, do not proceed; note the problem and go to the Registration help desk to complain).

After supplying your details, click generate invoice. (Ensure your details/information supplied here are correct and match your records in the institution.

Also ensure the phone number and email address you use on this page are your own. 

Do not use the phone number of a cyber café operative.)

Proceed to the bank to make payment. (Your invoice has an invoice number. 

Ensure the bank uses that invoice with its number to process your fee payment.


After payment, repeat 1-3 above. On the drop down menu click SESSION REGISTRATION.

Input the Confirmation Order number you were issued after making payment at the bank

Click on Fill Form to complete your Biodata,

click on next to confirm the details entered. Click  on submit to save the details. (Do not fail to click submit) Click on FILL COURSE REGISTRATION FORM 

Select the courses to register and click on submit

Print 4 copies of the Course Registration Form

SUBMIT 3 copies of COURSE REGISTRATION FORM to School Officer and keep 1 copy

(ensure  your copy of the form is signed and stamped by your School Officer as you are expected to take a copy  with you to the Examination Hall  during Semester Examination. : 

1. You would be required to upload your passport photograph while registering, ensure you do so.

2. When checking your personal data in step 7, make sure you change your level appropriately; e.g. last session’s ND 1 students should change their level to ND 2. This way, you are sure to generate invoice for the appropriate fee

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