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10 good courses with less competition in Nigeria institution


choice of course have been a problem in Nigeria . all young
people wants to get into almost the same set of course like;
1.Medicine & surgery
3.Electrical & Electronic Engineering
5.Mechanical Engineering
7.Civil engineering
8. Architecture
And lot more ; this have been the reason why most students
have not been admitted.
People with very high marks tends to secure admission,
while some other gets by connection.
According to various research and interview pertaining to
the reason why students choose only these set of course we
have come to understand that most believe it is lucrative, it
has prestige, while others are push by their parents.
Today I bring to you list of some course you can get with
good scores & is less populated .. Which gives you chance to
be admitted.

1. Prosthesis & Orthotics
2. veterinary medicine
3. Material & Metallurgical Engineering
4. Agric Engineering
5. Mathematics & statistics
6. Surveying
7. Radiography
8. Building technology
9. Geology


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