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KASU medical students letter of settling dispute on course Accreditation to the govenor


Your Excellency Sir,
The above named students body wish to draw the attention
of the state government under your able leadership to the
need to avert an impending peaceful demonstration by the
This is due to the fact that our stay in the university is taking
too long than necessary as a result of lack of an accredited
facility for our clinical studies. This condition has crippled
our ambitions as young individuals striving to study and
contribute our quota in making Kaduna State and the nation
at large great again.
It is no longer news that the medical students of Kaduna
State University have been stranded for years due to lack of
accreditation of her medical faculty. This situation has
resulted to the most senior class now being stranded in
300Level after spending FIVE (5) YEARS in the university.
The faculty is also currently faced with an ugly situation of
having SIX (6) sets of students (including the newly admitted)
spread across 3 classes all due to lack of accreditation.
We have made efforts to draw the attention of the state
government in different ways. Some among many of such
measures are the presentations to various sub-transition
committees, the peaceful demonstration staged by the
students at the state secretariat on 9th September, 2015. The
students were attended to by the commissioners of Health
and Education.
A subsequent meeting was held on 11th September 2015
with representatives of the ministries, university authority,
hospital management and the contractors handling some of
the projects. During these meetings, it was resolved that by
last week of October, 2015, the Medical and Dental Council
of Nigeria should be expected for an accreditation visit to
the university.
Like many promises in the past since the last administration,
this was also not fulfilled with no one giving us a comforting
explanation as to why the promise failed.
Our hope is even more dashed by the apparent silence on
this very important issue at public hearings and press
conferences especially when issues concerning Education
and Health are being discussed.
The recent pronouncement by your administration to select
and sponsor 30 (THIRTY) female students from across the
state for medical studies abroad also calls for concern as to
whether WE the medical students of the faculty of medicine
Kaduna State University are of any value to the state.
Though a commendable move, it has however rendered us
hopeless as our situation seems not to be getting the
necessary attention of the government.
Sir, the Faculty of Medicine Kaduna State University is
composed of hundred percent indigenes of Kaduna State
and Barau Dikko Teaching Hospital is the largest state own
hospital in the state.
These indices we expect should serve as the best and long
lasting solution to the problem surrounding lack of qualified
medical doctors in the state if given the priority it deserves.
Sir, our future has been spelled doomed amidst these years
of stagnation and frustration. We have explored all possible
ways to draw government’s attention to our plight but to no
As law abiding citizens of Kaduna state that we all are, we
acknowledge the importance of dialogue as a key to solving
any problem but in a situation where such room is not
available, we have decided to stage a spontaneous peaceful
demonstration until a state of emergency is declared on the
crisis facing the Faculty of Medicine, Kaduna State University
and the Barau Dikko Teaching Hospital and accreditation by
the Medical And Dental Council of Nigeria is obtained.
Thank you Sir.
All Medical students,
Kaduna State University.
Contact: 08162382026
Vice Chancellor, Kaduna State University.
The Speaker, Kaduna State House of Assembly.
Commissioner, Ministry of Health.
Commissioner, Ministry of Education.
Commissioner of Police.
State Security Service.
Human Rights Commission.
News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).
Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ).

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