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top leading 7 Confraternities In Nigeria And Their History


In Nigeria, a confraternity is a group
that is nominally university-based,
though ‘street and creek’
confraternities began in the 1990s.
The first confraternity, the Pyrates
Confraternity was created as a social
organization for promising students.
However, as new confraternities were
formed, they became increasingly
violent through the 1970s and 1980s.
By the 1990s, many confraternities
largely operated as criminal gangs,
called “campus cults” in Nigeria.
Besides normal criminal activity,
confraternities have been linked to
political violence, as well as the
conflict in the Niger Delta.
In no particular order, here are the
“Top 7 Confraternities in Nigeria and
their History”
1) Pyrate Confraternity
In 1952, Wole Soyinka and a group of
six friends (Ralph Opara, Ikhehare
Aig-Imokhuede, Sylvanus Egbuchie,
Nathaniel Oyelola, Pius Oleghe,
Olumuyiwa Awe) formed the Pyrate
Confraternity at the elite University
College, Ibadan, then part of the
University of London. According to
the Pyrates, the “Magnificent Seven”,
as they called themselves, observed
that the university was populated
with wealthy students associated with
the colonial powers and a few poorer
students striving in manner and dress
to be accepted by the more
advantaged students, while social life
was dictated by tribal affiliation.
Soyinka would later note that the
Pyrates wanted to differentiate
themselves from “stodgy
establishment and its pretentious
products in a new educational
institution different from a culture of
hypocritical and affluent middleclass,
different from alienated colonial
aristocrats”. The organization also
known as the National Association of
Seadogs (NAS) adopted the motto
“Against all conventions”, the skull
and crossbones as their logo, while
members adopted confraternity
names such as “Cap’n Blood” and
“Long John Silver”.
When fellow students protested a
proposal to build a railroad across the
road leading to the university, fearing
that easier transportation would
make the university less exclusive, the
Pyrates successfully ridiculed the
argument as elitist.
Roughly analogous to the fraternities
and sororities of North America, the
Pyrates Confraternity proved popular
among students, even after the
original members moved on.
Membership was open to any
promising male student, regardless of
tribe or race, but selection was
stringent and most applicants were
denied. For almost 20 years, the
Pyrates were the only confraternity
on Nigerian campuses.
Beliefs and sayings:
Odas is Odas (010)
No Friend, No Foe (NFNF)
Absolute No Lagging (ANL)
Members are known as: Ahoy, PC, etc
2) Buccaneers Association of Nigeria
In 1972, Bolaji Crew (Code-named
“Late Ahoy Rica Ricardo”) and others
were expelled from the Pyrates for
failing to meet expected standards.
Carew went on to found the
Buccaneers Confraternity (also called
the National Associations of Sea
Lords), largely copying the Seadogs’
structure, symbols and ceremonies.
A major impetus for the creation of
new confraternities was the fact that
members of the new groups simply
did not meet the high academic and
intellectual standards set by the
Seadogs, and thus considered the
original organization to be elitist..
Different notorious cult groups had
emerging without check from the
concerned authority, unleashing
terror on humanity and posterity.
Some beliefs and sayings:
No prize no pay
No brothers in the wood
No laughing on board
Blood for blood
Let the devil that lead you guide you
They have other sayings, which are
basically thereby to make new
members feel they made the right
choice in belonging to a fraternity
with such high code of conduct and
Members are known as: Fine boys,
Ban Boys, Alora, Bucketmen, Lords,
3) Supreme Vikings Confraternity
The Supreme Vikings Confraternity
(National Association of Adventurers
or, alternately, De Norsemen Club of
Nigeria) was formed by three young
men 1982 who were former
members of the Buccaneers at the
University of Port Harcourt.
They have the following code-names:
Rising angel
Eric De Red
It was also called victory COSSA
presently the Alpha Marine patrols.
Beliefs and saying:
Blood on the high sea
Singing songs of Hojas
Never to hang a leg
Even in the face of death.
Members are referred to as: Aro-
mates, Adventurers, Vultures, e.t.c.
4) Confraternity
The Neo-Black Movement of Africa
(also called ) was formed at the
University of Benin in Benin City in
1976 by some young men with the
motive of building a body to fight
against the oppression against Black
men (Students) at the university.
Those who initiated this association
are rumoured to be runaways from
of Africa, an organization in South
Africa that fought the apartheid war
and escaped into Nigeria for safety.
Investigation has shown that it was
the borrowed notion that was
imported to Nigeria.
Some of their beliefs and saying
The Black Man will be freed with an
No phuck ups
Forgiveness is a sin
Don’t betray your brother in the hood
Obey before complain or Abeyance
He who price must pay
Members are referred to as: Aye Axe-
men, Seven (7) or Amigos
5) Mafia Confraternity
The Mafia Confraternity aka The
Family Fraternity- COSANOSYRA was
formed in 1978 at the University of
Ilorin in Kwara State, but started
operation in Obafemi Awolowo
University, Ile-Ife in 1980.
It started with eight ( persons in its
mob (institution) called the ONO-
BRIGADO (1st Brigade) with the first
Don as Don KOOLKAT. This cult is
styled after the notorious Chicago and
Italian Mafia/Mob stars
Some of their belief and sayings
It is better for a bastard (non initiate)
to chance/provoke a member than
for a numbered bastard (members of
other cult group)
Retaliation after oppression
Secrecy is where our power lies
They believe in gambling, partying,
dating girls, etc.
Members are referred to as: Maf or
6) Eternal Fraternal Order Of Legion
Dedy na debt
This cult was started by five students
at the University of Calabar, Cross
River State during the military era in
1983. Its ideals were borrowed from a
cult in California and bears another
Members worship a demon called
“Ogor” as their god. Symbolized by a
human skull, mostly that of a mad/
insane man.
Their beliefs and sayings:
The affairs of a klansman before any
other thing in life
What concerns a klansman concerns
all klansmen
Status of other cult members are not
considered or relevant
Oath of secrecy abide to all members
Peaceful man in a deadly mood,
disagree to agree
Members are referred to as:
‘Klansman’ or ‘Klansmen’
7) Eiye Confraternity
The Supreme Eiye Confraternity (also
known as the National Association of
Air Lords) was formed in the
University of Ibadan in 1965, also
affiliated to the Eiye Secret Society,
which exist in the western part of
Nigeria. It was formed by the
following students: Goke Adeniji, Dele
Nwakpele, Bayo Adenubi, Bode
Fadase, Tunde Aluko, Kayode Oke,
and Bode Sowunmi among others.
It was named Eiye group and later
metamorphosed into Supreme Eiye
Confraternity (SEC). This cult group
was established to make positive
impact on the social-political mind,
social cultural, physical and mental
development of its members, and
where indifferent to other
conventional cult group.
Beliefs and sayings:
No Friend No Foe
Members are referred to as: Fliers,
Airforce, Airlords, e.t.c
Other confraternities in Nigeria are
Thu-Thu, Red Sea, Mgbamgba
Brothers, Black Cat, The Fame, Snow
Men, Fraternity of Friends, Black
Cobra of Ife, Canary, Green Berrets,
The Blood Spot, Scorpion, etc.
The Ladies are not left out when you
talk about confraternities in Nigeria.
So not neglecting them, below is a list
of the top female confraternities:
Black-bra, Black Berets, Woman
Brassier (brave), Daughters of
Jezebel, Pink Lady, Amazons, White
Angels, Lady of Rose, Sisterhood of
Darkness, Golden Daughters, The
Ten wonderful Girls, White Ladies,
The Royal Queens, Daughters of
the Knight, The Knights of the
Aristos, etc.
The sorority groups were formed as
female responses to their male
counterparts’ activities, imitations,
and most interestingly these females
are girlfriends of the members of the
male cult groups.
They act as spies to their male
counterparts, prostitutions
syndicates, agents of set-ups, e.t.c.
NOTE: If I failed to mention/list your
Secret Cult please don’t hesitate to let
me know.

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