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5 courses with good employment opporunity in Nigeria


A lot have been said about courses that are lucrative and where a graduate can easily be employed.
These are some of this courses based on my personal opinion.

Accounting: accountant are needed in both private, public company and industry.
Accountant can work anywhere that have the characteristic of financial accountant.


Engineers: these is another striving and booming industry in nigeria, its rear to see an unemployed engineer except the lazy one.

Medical, most of the graduate that erupt from medical line. I repeat medical are not always jobless.
If you study, pharmacy, medicine. Science lab and other, getting a good job will not be too easy

Entrepreneurs: this people are jobs on their own, they don’t need to look except they want.
They spent 4 years in studying how to be self employed and to be employed regardless of the environment.
A brilliant and smart student from this department will be a bomb.

Programmer and ict gurus: a person in this line we also be needed in many developing establishment, either big or small, the level of the demand is now increasing.

Other that are lucrative nut not mention include

Mass communication
Political science.

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